Tuesday, 31 January 2023

My Electronic Devices

💥 Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad 320 

The incredible story: (click). Specs: (01)

💥 Keyboard

I bought this one on sale at one of our local retailers in October 2022; my old keyboard was feeling a bit 'clunky' to my "Dizzy Fingers"... this one feels great! I use it in combination with the laptop (rather than using the laptop's keyboard).

💥 Bluetooth Keyboard

Works and feels great! Saves me from having to try and fail to use my Android Touch Screen stuff! The story (click).

💥 Bluetooth Mouse

Works and feels great! Saves me from having to try and fail to use my Android Touch Screen stuff! The story: (click)

💥  Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

(Sound Bar JHW-V361 High-End Audio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer 10W Stereo Super Bass)

Some great friends gave me this as a gift a few years ago. This sits atop the front of my laptop (it's the same width), sounds amazing, and does not need to be loud (it's only 10 watts anyway) to have such amazing definition and bass response. Perfect for me. Much better than wearing headphones all the time. Specs: (01)

💥  Mobile Phone: Optus X Spirit with Android

A glorified answering machine, basically. I use a pre-paid setup. I need to use the Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (above) to be able to send text messages properly. Specs: (01)

The story: (click)


💥 Tablet: Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F with Android

Some wonderful friends bought this for me a few years ago now. Unfortunately, I can't use it very much at all, due to its incredible slowness, and my 'dizzy fingers' make the touch screen very difficult for me to use. I've tried attaching the Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse with it, but they do not often work/connect. I most certainly do not want to appear ungrateful for this machine. Specs: (01)  &  (02)

💥 Camera: I'm using my little Kodak 'point-and-shoot' camera. Had it for years, and still works like a charm... seems to take a much better pic than my mobile phone camera does! 📷 Specs: (01)
The story: (click

💥 MP3 Player: I've had this for years, and had completely forgotten about it; works just fine. I just remembered that I can listen to its music while I'm out for my daily walks (silly me!)


I keep all the associated charging leads and unit in a small canvas bag, to keep it all together. Of course, when I took the assorted old headphones out that I never use in late November 2022... I laughed!

💥 Air Fryer

Peas be with ewe 

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