Thursday, 6 September 2018

Popping Out to the Shops

I wish the local supermarkets/etc had online shopping and home delivery here, but alas it is not so - one of the joys of living in a rural Australian town. Just dropping into the shops to pick up some daily bits and pieces - something I had to never think about before MS - now feels like executing a large planned battle strategy, to get me out the door and back. It's not just about not having my own personal transport at the moment (plus the buses into town do run every c.30 minutes almost outside my door, and taxis are fairly cheap).

A big hurdle for me these days... Sometimes it's not knowing if one or any combination of my medical stuff will kick-in unexpectedly, while I'm downtown... and they have, four times so far. It's a very humiliating experience.... and you do not want to know the details, I assure you...

That's frustrating for me, as a huge part of my psyche is very 'spontaneous'... so, having to plan things in advance can often feel to suck the joy out of it for me. It's funny little things like this I've found, on my MS journey!

But I can't complain (I'm not, really - more of an observation, really) - my #MS is not as active nor debilitating as a lot of other peoples, but I can wholly empathise with them in their situation.

Thanks to fellow online MSer "Dizzy the Donkey" - I went to write a comment on her latest blog post, and ended-up writing the basic bones of this post as a result [laffs]. Thanks also to the many good, friendly, caring, understanding and like-minded fellow MSers on Twitter as well - you have kept me going thru some rough times very recently, and I am hugely appreciative of your online invisible friendship.

STOP PRESS: Altho I had been told Woolworths don't home deliver groceries here - they actually DO! Whoo hoo! There's a hurdle overcome!

Peas be with ewe 

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