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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Guys with MS?

Just thinking upon this, that I posted the other day...
...so far, it's usually females I've come across, who are willing to share their MS journeys online... at this point in time, I feel like the odd-man-out (so to speak), being a guy with MS. That's quite OK, as most females I dialogue with, are quite open with their situations... most guys rarely are able to do that.

I've heard the goofy anecdote that "MS is a woman's disease", but yeah... it seems there's not as many guys who are willing or open to dialogue about their MS - or what I've stumbled across so far.

Of course, one of the biggies here in Australia is Tim Ferguson, who is a brilliant MS ambassador.

It seems to me (so far) that there are majorly-more females than males (with MS), and most are in the Northern Hemisphere! Strange!

I'm sure to stumble across more like-minded guys soon enough, who are willing to be open about their situations.

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