Sunday, 2 December 2018

Dizzy Fingers & Typos

NOTE: This is not a "pity-party/woe-is-me" thing, as I'm simply sharing a very brief insight into some of the reasons as to why I may act so "up-and-down" from time to time.


Please excuse my occasional accidental typos... I have mild MS (which, among other things, affects my hands/fingers), and it's a challenge typing properly, sometimes. Thanks.

Sometimes I cannot feel the keys being pressed as I type, and sometimes they don't type (or double touch!), hence occasional typos and/or missed letters.

It's also why I don't often leave a reply comment on peoples' pages online, as often I'm only able to only make an emoji/smiley, or post an image as a reply. (I'm a "visual" person, as it is). Yes, it's frustrating.

I type using my laptop (I don't have a smart phone or handheld device) - thank goodness for spellcheckers (which find most of my "dizzy-fingers" typos!)

Yes, sometimes typing an SMS on my phone can be a 'challenge' as well - catch-22.

Sometimes, it makes it awkward to point-and-click and scroll my mouse accurately, too - sometimes, I miss!

Typos certainly make for some hilarious reading at times!

"It's quite alright... I can read typonese quite flatulently!"

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