Sunday, 27 November 2022

MS Speech Problems

MS Speech Problems

No, I am not stupid or retarded. If I sometimes seem to stumble or pause my words mid-sentence, or perhaps say things in the wrong order (I seem to be a master of random 'spoonerisms' - see some examples here!), or even stutter... just give me a second to sometimes get the right words out, as sometimes they just don't come.

Sometimes, a thought just... fades out, mid-sentence! I have to quickly apologise and say, "Just give me a second... stoopid MS!"

Nothing's changed or worsened - nothing like that. Tis another form of MS symptom I'm discovering.

It usually works hand-in-hand with the "MS Brain Fog", but sometimes not. It's the whole randomness of it...

It makes me feel like a complete idiot!

It's the little things like this that I am discovering on my MS Journey. I used to have a speech impediment as a young child (more lazy/slurred speech), but nothing like this.

Thanks, MS...

💥 I know I am not alone! Some MS Twitters have said about this very thing:
  • Whenever we can’t remember a word, just say “I’m not sure what the English word is”. They’ll think you’re a genius and bilingual - @BrianRippett
  • The looks get really weird when you have an absence seizure mid-conversation - @ChantelSoumis
  • Haha! That my superpower now - @hockeymom1965
  • Some of the things I say are hilarious if I didn't laugh I would cry. its frustrating at times though you know in your head what you want to say but the words don't come out that way - @Mechems
  • I lose words randomly all the time and sometimes I will fight to find it but often I will not replace it with a word but elaborate the meaning with several words - @Duck2Lightning
  • After I use the wrong word once, I keep doing it for years. They’re usually phonologically close, but not always. Fertilizer instead of insulation is the worst one - @willson_janice
  • A few months ago I was reading an article to my wife, when absolute nonsense, not even actual words, just sounds started coming out. I stopped, my wife commented about it & then I resumed speaking normally - @AlexKindred
  • Even when writing, I am having a hard time expressing myself or use an incorrect word - @Annie__Hall
  • I have given up trying to come close and say the first word I think of and watch the confusion - @CarolDenise19
  • I replace them in every language that comes up first, otherwise sounds and sign language - @BubblizLinda
  • Blurting out wrong words before I know what's happening - @iamheidistweet

💥 My Spoonerisms 💥

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