Friday, 21 April 2017

One Fun-Flavoured Walking Stick

I bought myself a walking stick. Hang on! My MS has NOT got worse! Don't panic! One of my MS symptoms is called "Foot Drop", plus I have occasional random 'balance' issues... it's a "just in case" thing.

Meet "Fred"...

Tah Dah! What's life, if you can't add a bit of fun and colour to your life? One plain black four-legged marshmallow toasting rack...
Before, and...

After! With about nine bright colours, took about 45 minutes, sitting in glorious sunshine, just dabbing them on randomly.

Lifes' too short to be plain vanilla boring, you know?

Oh... and I've named it "Fred"... tis a default generic name I have for people whos' names I can't remember!

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Peas be with ewe 


  1. I love "what's his face" my term for those who's name I don't remember

    1. Hahahah Jan. Yes, I bet we all have secret inexplicable names for somethings sometimes!