Thursday, 13 April 2017

A walking stick

I bought myself a walking stick today. Hang on! My MS has NOT got worse! Don't panic!

One of my MS symptoms is called "Foot Drop", where sometimes my left foot doesn't always rise quite quickly enough when I walk, c.1 step in 10. I'm just more aware/conscious of it lately (especially after discussing it with my neurologist). I haven't tripped or fallen, but downtown today I noticed I was having a bit of an "MS Day", and my left foot wasn't co-operating as well as it could have been. The stick was on special, and I'm surprised - I actually feel quite comfortable and confident using it! It's OK... every day is different with MS... tomorrow my walking will be fine! Catch-22.

I'll just keep the stick in the car, as I'll only be needing it when I'm walking downtown etc. Around the house/yard/band practise etc is not a problem.

It's a "just in case" thing.

There's always an upside - my left foot is the occasional wobbly one, yet my left hand is the better MS-y one (to hold the cane)! Yay!

Ahhhh... it's all such a new journey and adventure for me, this MS stuff.

Peas be with ewe 

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