Thursday, 2 December 2021

Sunshine, Mowing, Racing and Voting

Today is a 'Good' day, altho I am knackered as a result.

➽ While it took me two days, I am glad to say I've mowed and edged my little lawn... it was starting to get away on me, after our recent copious rainfall and steady Spring sunshine. While this may not sound so exciting to you (perhaps), to me it's a major achievement... MS can sometimes totally wipe me out before I get the opportunity to do it. I've had two 'good' days in a row, so I jumped in and got it done while I could.

➽ While the car races are being held this week/weekend on our iconic Mt Panorama, it's not my 'cup of tea'. Thankfully, I can't hear the 'distant buzz of angry hornets' from my place, while the cars are doing their practice laps this week. While it's c.1km west of me, I'm on the far side of a hill that thankfully blocks all the sound for me. The only thing that alerted me that the races were on, is the buzzing overhead of corporate helicopters flying to and from the local airport!

Here are pics of my middle son, working as a track assistant during the races this week/weekend, with some of the drivers

➽ I've sent in my Postal Vote for our local Council Election that's being held this weekend. Apparently, more than 50% of ballots have already been cast as "Pre-Poll Votes", rather than on actual voting day Saturday... seems most people prefer to vote when they can, and miss the whole queuing-up (with all the extra crowds of our Race weekend here... and possible Covid stuff as well, perhaps...?) on the day. When will they get their stuff together and make online voting a practical reality? Oh, I'm not a political animal at all.

➽ I'm still feeling many positive vibes from watching "The Beatles: Get Back" on Sunday, too! I do believe they passed the audition...  oh, I can be such a nerd [laffs].

Peas be with ewe 

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