Wednesday, 11 January 2023

My Views from Home

Here are my gorgeous scenic panoramas, from the front of my little place. Living in rural Australia sure has its perks.

Those distant hilltop ranges, off to the east? I've seen them in every manner of weather conditions... from bushfire, shrouded in fog, glowing golden purple with reflected sunset light, to covered in snow!

I am very appreciative and grateful to be able to live here. Almost nine years now - wow!

► NOTE: Click on an image to see a more detailed larger view

My little home, January [summer] 2023
(Drone shots when next door was for sale)

My home, August [winter] 2022
(Drone shot when next door was for sale)

Panorama view from my front door, 21 December 2022

Panorama view from my front door, 24 September 2022

Panorama view from my front door, 3rd day of Spring, 3rd September 2021.

These panorama pics [below] were taken from my tablet, at the start of Summer, early December 2018... twas the first time I've used the tablet to take photos, and then figure out how to Bluetooth them across to my laptop... yeah, I know... [laffs]

Panorama view from my front letterbox, mid-Spring, 18 November 2021

A bit of a wider panorama of my amazing views looking east, from 1/3 of the way up the hill behind me.

My front yard, October 2021
(The 6 front steps are ironically noted; however, when I first moved in 7+ years ago, I had no idea the extra handrail alongside them would need to come into play for me [laffs] ).

Sunrise from my front door.

Conversely, sometimes in winter, we can get the all-day "Sea Poop" thick fogs!

3 days before Xmas 2022
My neighbour's tree (an "Acmena smithii" 'Lilly Pilly' ) overlooks my compact backspace, which is currently fully abloom and wonderfully saturated with the sound of bees busy collecting pollen for their hives across the road at St. Joseph's Mount.
At first, I thought their buzzing was the unseasonably-wrong sound of distant race cars atop Mt Panorama! [laffs]. These bees are completely harmless to me, and I happily welcome them.

We occasionally get SNOW... (for my Northern Hemisphere friends, I know here it's nothing but a light dusting for you... but exciting for us here in town).
Normally it can snow heavily on the high ridge tops surrounding town in Winter, closing the main highway etc. It rarely snows here in town... we're only c.615 meters/c.2,015 feet above sea level where I live.

These were taken at my home on 17 July 2015, before sunrise. My neighbour (at that time) was out playing it as well, as she said she'd 'never seen snow before!'
I wish I'd taken some pics a bit later: there were young families all up and down the street building snowmen together! So cool (no pun intended!) Like I said: it rarely snows here in town. It hasn't snowed here in town since 2015.

My driveway

My letterbox

Looking back up my driveway

From my front door

From my front door

This is the little park across the road; later on, after sunrise, there were about two or three snowmen standing guard [grins]

Throughout the Summer of 2019-2020, there were massive bushfires, some just 60kms / 40 miles away, but the SMOKE here was incredible!
This is what it looked like from my place! Simply unfathomable!

Yes, that was a sunrise from my front door! Sheesh!
(5 January 2020)

● These photos do not do justice as to how thick the smoke actually was!

December 2019 (Source)

Then there were the DUST STORMS that blew for like a week+, in January 2020!!

These photos taken from my front door do not do justice as to how thick the dust actually was!
(23 January 2020)

The views of our dust storms from atop our Mt Panorama;
compare the same view from January (top) to June (bottom) in 2020.

● More photos of our 2020 dust storms.

I also love the little park right across the road, complete with a
small playground.

View up the hill from the playground across the road

(These two pics above were taken on 24 November 2022)

(These pics below were originally taken from my front landing in 2019)

There is a small tree [planted by the council, just before winter 2018], that I totter across to a few times a week, with a big plastic watering can... just to keep the water up to it during these dryer months.

I have no idea what sort of tree it is... maybe a miniature cherry, plum or something? Update: I've been told it's a "Prunus". The local council pruned it back in late June 2002. It continues to thrive.

► Right across the road is the historic "St. Joseph's Mount" (Photos Here)

► And, of course, just over the hill behind me, about 1 km/mile away to the west, is our Iconic "Mount Panorama". As I live on the back side of the hill, thankfully I never hear the cars when the race car events are on.

(Pic courtesy of Bathurst Council Instagram)

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Peas be with ewe 


  1. The views look very nice. I hope you have a good window to sit and look outside.

    1. Thanks. Oh yes! Plus I have a little carport (sans car) I can sit under, out of the heat and/or wind, and enjoy this view! I feel absolutely decedent! Tis one of the reasons why I do not want to live in the "Big Smoke" ever again!