Friday, 26 May 2017

MS and Heat

MS and Heat... not good partners!

During a daytime jazz band gig I was playing at in March 2017, it slowly became very hot and humid in the room we were performing in. For the first set, my MS hands were fine playing guitar (as can be expected, that is!) As the temperature and humidity started to rise during the second set, my hands became very uncooperative! I had to take some 'private alone time' during the break after the second set, just to regather my wits. My hands felt like rubber or jelly for the third set... I could not play accurately at all (for my standards), tho I soldiered-on.

I forgot to take my small fan, as part of my standard gig-bag. But I'm also thinking of adding some instant cooling packs as well - just in case it happens to me like that again, in the future. Maybe a small esky with some frozen ice packs as part of my gig-bag, also? Well, if needs be...

It was a real shock for me, as to experience this so profoundly, when exposed to a sudden change in both temperature and humidity.

When I got home afterwards, and "cooled down" - all was normal with my hands again! Go figure!

Tho the drive home after the gig was 'interesting" (all OK, tho), I felt so absolutely fatigued as a result of the whole experience.

As fellow MS Twitter Cindy aptly described the after-affects of heat and MS, we are "Left to Roam the Earth like a Retarded Zombie" afterward.

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