Saturday, 3 November 2018

Sleeplessness SUX

Insomnia and sleeplessness SUX!

I don't always sleep well. I may only get 3-hour sleep breaks here and there... it's only about one day in three/four that I manage to grab c. six-ish hours straight. It's frustrating in the fact that, as a young man, I used to sleep 8-9 hours straight through (and like a log!), no worries at all.

I miss not being able just to quickly drop-off into sleep anymore (I used to be able to, but not now, it seems). Lately it takes me upto an hour to fall asleep. My random (painless) MS leg twitches, when I first lay down, keep waking me up!

It's not that I'm stressed or upset, there's nothing wrong nor troubling me, or that my mind is ticking over or I'm over-thinking - nothing like that. I'm just finding that once I wake-up after a c.3-hour sleep - I'm wide awake! I've tried different things in an attempt to fall back to sleep. I'm just one of those people who does not like just 'laying there', waiting for sleep to come. So - I get up! I may read a bit, or watch a bit of a DVD, or surf a bit - especially if it's in the middle of the night (as so often happens!) I'm not going to get domestic and make a lot of noise at that time of day - that's not fair on my neighbours.

Sometimes, I also feel extremely fatigued... the sort of mental and physical tiredness / weariness / exhaustion that doesn't necessarily go away after a good sleep.

These "disrupted sleep patterns" are symptoms of both my Bi-Polar and MS - well done, Mal! D'oh! Trust me...

The catch-22 is... I'd really just love to sit, chat and hang out with friends... but seriously, who else is wide awake and up at this time of day (ie. middle of the night)?!?

I'm finding Twitter a MUCH better and helpfully-productive and wise resource at this time of day... Facebook just feels too full of pointless information for me at the moment... & too many trolls.

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