Friday, 4 November 2022

Medication Time

My Current Prescribed Medications

► NB. I am on NO medication for my MS.

  • Rivaroxaban / Xarelto: 20mg once daily (a blood thinner, to prevent any further PE's).
  • Salazopyrin (Pyralin): 500mg 2 x thrice daily (for my Ulcerative Colitis).
I call these five meds: "For my 'blood', 'brain', 'bum' and 'bastard' "!

  • Vitamin D supplement: 1,000 IU/day (a supplement, for my MS).
  • Once a week, I take a Maltofer tablet, for my iron /anemia... sure, it turns everything black [cough...], but, for me, it really seems to be helping.
  • I have a (FerinjectIron infusion about every c.6/9 months (for my Anaemia).
  • Prednisone: Occasionally, 25/mg daily, tapering off 5mg/weekly to nil (this helps reduce a flare of my Ulcerative Colitis).
  • Cortiment / Budesonide (Corticosteriods): Occasionally, 9mg once daily (this helps reduce a flare of my Ulcerative Colitis)

I was on Mesalamine / Pentasa: 500mg two tabs twice daily (for my Ulcerative Colitis), but not now - it was having negative side effects with me!

To be honest, I hate being on all these daily meds, but catch-22: I'd be stuffed without them.

Thank goodness for the PBS - there's no way I could afford these medicines otherwise!

► It's all a bit of a "Balancing Act" for me, really.

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  1. Has anyone suggested tysabri or ocrevus for your MS? Those have worked spectacularly for me: no exacerbations in like 12 years since starting. Also wanted to say I think your blog is great, and being open and explicit will help people, with chronic illnesses and without, get a better sense of what it's like to have them. I had heard of the spoon theory, but didn't really get it until I read your description. I get it now, and it's completely descriptive of when I had serious fatigue issues.