Monday, 31 October 2022

A Balancing Act

For me, finding a sense of balance feels harder some days more than others. I'm not talking about balancing life and work priorities - we all deal with those. It's finding a positive balance between my varied health issues.

It can be a frustrating journey, from day to day. Sometimes from hour to hour. All these different conditions sometimes interact, conflict and trigger/bounce off each other... it can be a real juggling act for me to keep on top of it - some days are better than others for me.

It's a bit of a manoeuvre, with all my different prescribed medications, as well.

➽ Plus, some days - I forget I am not well. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's the whole randomness of it all that catches me unaware, from time to time.

Yes, it's an interesting journey... constantly discovering new aspects of it all. I didn't receive the textbook on "How To Live Life" when I started - I must have missed that memo - as we all did.

  • It's one big discovery.
  • "The bad news is you're falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is, there's no ground" - Chogyam Trungpa
  • "You've got to roll with the punches, to get to what's real"
  • "Roll with it"
  • "Life each moment as you go" - Jan Vining

Yes, some days it's just easier to wear a mask and pretend everything is going OK... saves a lot of explanations. Plus then I don't feel as though I'm "bringing everyone else down." 

➽ One of my "masks" is often acting "silly"... it's often easier to laugh than it is to cry, or attempt to explain. 

"I stopped explaining myself when I realized other people only understand from their level of perception" - Thivy Michelle

► Yes, it's a "Ying/Yang" thing, I'm finding.
I have this framed picture on my wall... over 30 years ago, a very good friend gave it to me for my birthday... I guess the Universe already knew ahead of time, that this concept would become more realistic for me, later on in life?

NOTE: This post is not a "pity-party/woe-is-me" thing, as I'm simply sharing a very brief insight into some of the reasons as to why I may act so "up-and-down" from time to time.

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Peas be with ewe 


  1. It's easier for me i guess,never have done balanced, hubby been trying for years to get some balance in my life, gave up lol.
    Yes like you i can at times forget i live with MS monster, it's great, but then the kickback can be tough.
    Life each moment as you go, remember the good ones, toss out the bad.

  2. "Life each moment as you go" - love it. Thanks, Jan :)

  3. I can’t afford to forget I have MS. If I miss a trigger the catupulting you describe begins. I really like the concept of falling only there is no ground. I do tell everyone about MS even the hidden things. It’s only my new friends at pool who actually ‘see the hidden’. They don’t judge & I am very thankful for them. It’s still such a juggle emotionally sometimes. Life itself becomes overwhelming so it’s time for a break. I appreciate you and Jan so much... ya’ll always make me feel better. ��❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Patty... makes blogging all worthwhile, when we can support one-another in our MS journies :)

  4. Great blog Mal! The wheel of pain is so true!