Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Feeling a little... flat

Today is the first day I've felt a little flat (emotionally), since before I was hospitalised. It's nothing serious or dramatic, just part of my regular 'cycle' that this *^%$ depression takes me on, from time to time.

I'm sitting on a 4, which is OK. No dramas.

My hands are feeling particularly 'spongy' today... maybe not more than normal (things have definitely NOT got 'worse' at all, since hospital in December) - maybe it's just some days I seem to be more aware of it than others.

Guitaring feels awkward today...

I guess it doesn't help that my body clock is upside down again... sleeping 8-hours soundly during the day, and wide awake during the night. It's currently 9.30 at night, and I feel like I've just had breakfast... it's very disconcerting, in a funny (ha-ha) way. (Yes, I always seem to be able to manage to keep my eclectic sense of humour through it all).

It's an interesting balance of things, the universe has thrown at me, huh? The ying-yang of bi-polar, UC and MS... it's OK, tho. I definitely do NOT feel "overwhelmed" or anything negative like that. Today is just one of those 'swings' I regularly experience.

Thank goodness for beautiful music to help keep me centred.

PS... so far, it's usually females I've come across, who are willing to share their MS journeys online... at this point in time, I feel like the odd-man-out (so to speak), being a guy with MS. That's quite OK, as most females I dialogue with, are quite open with their situations... most guys rarely are able to do that.

Peas be with ewe 

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