Sunday, 19 August 2018

Mood Check 1-10

Mood Check Scale 1-10

How are you doing? How are you going? Feeling?
Can you tell us a little about what is going on in your life?
(Also see "Pain Scale 1-10")
10/10 - Feeling confident and competent! I can do anything! 
9/10 - Fantastic, stable; Excellent; Life is good. 
8/10 - Great! Very Happy! Things are going well.
7/10 - Feeling okay! Pretty good, actually! Hopeful!
6/10 - Starting to feel more stable, a little more energy and feeling like joining in life again! 
5/10 - Satisfied, functional, not feeling depressed, but not feeling great either! There is hope! 
4/10 - Feeling okay, getting by, yet could be better; Not coping up to par, but not quite as depressed. 
3/10 - Low level functioning, still so depressed. 
2/10 - Not much better, barely functioning, very depressed; Wondering "What's the point?" 
1/10 - Horrible, the worst, hopeless, not functioning, extremely depressed; Hospitalisation needed. 

Note: Neither one nor the other is right or wrong - there is nothing wrong with how you feel. It's how you address and deal with it - that's important.

Peas be with ewe 


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    1. Ahh, Kay! 7 is quite good for us, huh? Got to grab those 'brighter' moments when they pass by.
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