Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lost - and Found

I found it! I'd misplaced my little MP3 music player... and by little, I mean it looked small when sitting in the palm of my hand! Yes, I'm 'old skool'... I don't have a smart phone to play music with... I hook my MP3 player up to my stereo (which sounds perfectly clear with great response and definition, with no need for high volume... way better than my tinny speakers currently connected to my laptop).

I'd looked high and low... nada! Damn! I always thought it might slide away into a mysterious black hole somewhere one day, simply because of its petite size.

This evening, quite randomly - I found it! Of course, not while I was looking for it. It'd had slid out of the small drawstring bag I'd made for it, and slipped behind the printer... Altho I'd looked there before, it stood out plainly to my eyes tonight, making it easy to spot and retrieve!

Music playing - onwards!

Go figure... first-world problems, huh? 😂

Peas be with ewe 

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