Friday, 16 December 2016

My Latest Medical Stuff

An update from here.

Yes, it's serious - but not as serious as it could be, thankfully.

It appears to be what is called a "Demyelinating disease" - a nervous system disease; it's like the protective coating ("sheath") around little parts of my spinal cord have come away slightly, sending some of the nerve messages to my hands/fingers astray. While it is a symptom of MS, I do not have MS.

It's similar (but not related to) what has been happening in my bowel: as an auto-immune disease of unknown/non-contagious origin, it's like the fluid around my spine slowly started attacking itself, causing me numbness in my right arm and both hands.

Yes... it's quite rare! Trust me! D'oh!

It was best picked-up after a brain and spinal MRI scan. It is not a reaction to medication, nor is it dietary-related.

I spent 5 days in hospital, on high-level steroids (to reduce the auto-immune symptoms), including a "lumbar puncture" (no fun, I assure you!)

I still have numbness in both hands, but definitely not as severe as before. I'll be having ongoing treatment with a Neurologist (ie. nervous system).

There's no short- or long-term prognosis at this stage. (I'll be working hard, getting my guitar playing up to speed again asap, even though it's very difficult for me). It may slowly become better over the next c. six months... but it may not. That's unknown at this stage.

Overall I'm feeling quite chirpy and happy (8/10)... there's nothing *I* can do about it, and worrying isn't going to help me either.

Oh... thankfully my "UC" and depression are OK at the moment... I'm very grateful for small mercies!

PS. I laughed when I first saw the medical term "Demyelination", as it appealed to my random sense-of-humour... it looked like the name of a bad rap album!

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Thanks for the update, Mal. I hope you see continued improvement and are up and playing again soon. lots of love, Al

  2. Get well quickly Mal. Love Sarah xo