Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Stop the Labels - Stop the Hate & Fear

When we stop putting people in boxes


"Gender, race, sexual orientation, colour, religious persuasion..."
ANY "minority group" labels are messed-up.
Ignore them.
Labels creates division creates conflict creates hate.

Racism Destroyed in One Minute
The woman in the video is anti-racism educator Jane Elliot.

"I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White."

"The Great Dictator" (Charlie Chaplin) 1940 - true as now as it was then.

Since 9/11, 2 Australians have been killed here in Oz due to terrorism; our governments have spent over $33Billion on counter-terrorism measures in Oz; over 25,000 Australians have committed suicide; domestic violence has killed over 1000 Australians; Australians have murdered around 3000 fellow citizens; car accidents have killed around 10000 Australians; AND since 9/11 over 200 Australians have been killed by falling off chairs...
So let's keep perspective and take the wall-to-wall media spin and cliches being spoken by our politicians as exaggerations and lies, for that is what they are.

I love it when I can find someone else, who can express much more clearly than I would be able to, what's been floating around in my head.
If this post upsets you... GOOD!

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Peas be with ewe 

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