Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Anita's Demo

I recorded 13 songs of a fellow local singer-songwriter yesterday, here at home, using "The Thing". She needed some quick basic demo's of her songs, so she can have samples of her playing to pass onto promoters etc etc so she can get out there and gig. Anita has a magical voice... harmlessly cheeky and a great tone. It's just part of the joy of networking... she's encouraged me as a muso, so I'm glad I could help encourage her by enabling her to get some of her stuff recorded. I've got the stuff to do it sitting there, I've got the time, so why not help out while I can? That's my only agenda - and we had lots of fun doing it as well.

I'm very grateful, as they (herself and her husband) gave me a gift voucher from the local music shop as 'reimbursement'... they definitely didn't need to do that, but I really appreciated that all the same. Altho it's a nice recording and fine for a sample demo, they were over the moon when I gave them two copies of the CD and listened to it this morning. I'm glad they're excited.

I'd upload a few samples of her stuff for you to listen to, but it's not my stuff, so I can't do that!

My foot is aching after basically being on my feet for most of the past two days. Bloody heel spur...

Off to "Singer-Songwriters @ the Kings" here tonight as well. The last State of Origin footy game is on as well, but not many people go to The Kings to watch it... people know we'll still be facilitating the music event there anyways, and a few have already let us know they are coming. Good stuff. Actually running these events are extremely easy... it's getting out there and promoting it that's a lot of foot-slogging. We're getting there, and word is getting around :)

The joys of mid-winter in rural Australia (not that I'm complaining, mind you!)... with my bedroom window open here at the moment, with a rare break in showery rainclouds and the sunshine streaming thru, all I can seem to smell is the result of someones' fireplace working nearby! D'OH! So much for some fresh air.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Sounds like fun! We've had a break in the weather here too recently - blue skies, yay!

  2. i feel your pain...i suffer with 2 heal spurs on one if anyone could have a clue what your talking about it's me. so glad your having fun helping a fellow singer...

  3. Well it was windy and cold down here today!

    This Anita would not happen to have alot of kids would she? Just asking! I can't see her well there, but I met an Anita last year who was in the music industry and she was homeschooling 5 or 6 gorgeous kids! Just wondering?

  4. Another heel spur sufferer...I just wear shoes with no backs in them and it seems to be finally shrinking... you always sound so passionate about music...its great to have a passion like that