Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Working Man

JD (my eldest son, almost 16) is now a working-man! He completed a weeks' "work experience" a few weeks ago at a local diesel mechanic's, and they've asked him back to work during the school holidays as a junior diesel mechanic! Good on him! I'm so proud and excited for him. It's exactly the career-path he wants to follow as well. Huzahh! Hopefully they went softly on him for his "tar and feathering"... lol.

The boys' grandma ("Nan-Nan") is in hospital after a stroke. Please send her all your positive thoughts. Thanks.

The physical recording for the solo album is finally complete. Now the fun begins with seemingly endless mixing sessions. At least I've got plenty of time to re-record stuff if, upon repeated listenings, I kinda go "hrmmm..." about something. Oh, there are lots of "hrmmm..." bits, but that's life. It's all fun. I've pruned the songlist from 19 to 17 as it is... a small handfull of the few instrumentals are just like 60 second soundscapes snippets anyways (hence the seemingly large number).

There's a young couple coming over later today to do a bit of recording themselves. I'll record her singing and playing guitar, so she can have a simple basic "demo" of her songs to hand out to prospective promoters, etc. She's one of the ladies from the Wednesday night singer-songwriter things, so it's all good... a bit of local networking is a good thing.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Congratulations to your son on his holiday job. I'm sure that he will enjoy it. I understand how your delight. My 16yr old grandson was thrilled when he was asked to help teach computer stuff(not quite sure what) last week; especially as he has been asked back to do some more sessions on making computer games. This will be good for his CV so we're pleased for him.

    Hope the boys grandma is doing well will say a prayer for her.

  2. Thats great news about the job! Its seems to be getting harder and harder for kids to get into the work force these days! Way to go!

  3. That's great about JD!!! Especially in this economy - it sounds like all the kids are having trouble finding those jobs.

  4. Well Done JD, you have got to be proud of him. That is all I want, my kids' to be happy following what it is they truly want to do.
    Diesel mechanics can do many things. Hubby is a mechanic by trade, and deisel is something differet all together.
    We are going to be making our own biodiesel..someting different eh?
    Nan-nan, I hope she returns to good health and optimal capabilities soon! (We used to call my Nanna Nan-nan too!)

  5. congratulations for your son..that is so good. it would be good for his self esteem to get that callback. Wonderful news. I hope the NanNan is okay. Strokes are devastating and so unpredictable. Good to hear of the album's progress

  6. Remember to trim the fat off the number of songs you put out Mal. Keep it lean.

  7. wow congrats to your son...especially if it's what he wants to do..

    how nice of you to help a fellow artist...you have a huge heart!!!

  8. Thank you, one and all. it's been a positive week so far... but I still haven't heard anything else about "Nan Nan" yet either :(