Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sounds Live

I've mixed and made the first "Sample Demo" CD of my latest batch of songs, specifically for the 2MCE-FM "Sounds Live" event to be held here on radio next month.

Even tho no-one played at the pub last night (because an important [albeit ruff] footy game was on, it was freezing cold and raining out, and it's mid-school holidays... oh, and I received some late apologies, but that's OK), I spent a constructive time catching-up on a whole swag of paperwork while I was there, and fine-tuning the PA system as well, while I had the chance. Yeah, I didn't waste the time... and I managed to happily watch NSW whip QLD's butt in Game Three of origin. Yay!

Yesterday I realised I'd totally forgotten it's my 45th birthday next week... it just wasn't on my radar screen at all. It'll be just another day here for me, no biggie, really.

Late last week I stumbled across a letter my late mum had sent to me, from back in 2003. I'd forgotten all about it. 'Twas just a short note, but it bought back a lot of memories, in just a few lines.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. a major milestone...let me get started and say happy birthday first :)

  2. OH MAN! You are even older than me! LOL! Have a good one! I would have been so pissed if I had have come to watch you sing and they showed me a footy match! How rude! Music wins hands down with me!

  3. Absolutely cool...playing at a pub... making a cd, it is all coming together Mal :)

  4. Well since you flatly refused to tell me your birthdate that time, I am going to wish you Happy Birthday every single day next week LOL My big boy turns 26 on the 26th, and my big girl turned 30 yesterday. July is a good month.

  5. Wow Mal. It is good to "hear your voice" again after all this time...

    Who is this? ...Shadowe! - now "North" on Blogspot -

    I wanted to reconnect with you and Caroline both after my absence. I hope you both are well. I have had a hard time, but I am alive and well. Hope to hear from you both soon.

    You can contact me on my new blog (the old blog, renamed and imported, added to as well), there is an email link there.



  6. almost 45!!! you are just a baby....I was ten when you were youngest sister is 44..a happy birthday and I hope someone throws a little party or gathering for you.