Saturday, 21 February 2009

Music Bits

I'd kinda forgotten about these... eight short (ie. c.1 minute each) pieces of fun random music I made and played the other month. Some of them aint too bad, actually!
Made me happily smile listening to them again.

I'm still chugging away working on my piano-keyboard playing. It's been years, really. It's not my naturally-preferred instrument, and I'm having to re-learn a lot of stuff I'd simply forgotten about actually playing. But it's actually sounding quite good. This is sure a challenging piece of music to play, which I'm loving, actually. Playing simple but fun 'rock'n'roll' is pretty brain-dead music to play, honestly - tho this is wonderful. A delight to try something completely different for me. I've never played anything like this before, so it's like a breath of fresh air.
"Kid Charlemagne" by Steely Dan.
There is simply no way Julian and I could have even attempted to play something like this together with Matt, our old guitarist. It's wonderful to be moving on from playing relatively-boring three-chord rock'n'roll at last. Having a four-piece ensemble again is fantastic... Andrew seems like a complete bonus kinda out of nowhere, as a musician, player and vocalist! I mean, this guy can sing!!!

My heel spur is feeling a bit better today. Has just been a dull ache, mainly. We'll see how I go on Monday after a whole day walking about on it tomorrow, watching the Car Races on the Mount.

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Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Kid Charlemagne is a rather ambitious piece, if I was doing something from the Royal Scam I'd go with Haitian Divorce. ;) (although the lead riff is a little complex, and you'd need a wah-wah)

  2. those are real toe tappers :) Keep up the great work.

    All the pain really never goes away...but it does get bareable. Have you thought about getting the cortizone shot? It does help!

  3. Good stuff Mal.

    Now don't forget the bread and milk okay??

  4. Thanks. Oh, I'm using my wah-wah enough in some songs already! heh heh.
    hopefully I can get back into my doctor this week... I'll talk to him about a cortizone injection. Thanks.

    I didn't forget the bread and milk yesterday, either! yay me! lol