Wednesday, 15 October 2008

2008 Poverty Day

Today is Blog Action Day 2008, where a zillion bloggers from across the galaxy are discussing aspects of "Poverty".

Never having done anything quite like this in the 4 1/2 years of my own Blogging journey...

Poverty... the first thing that flashed into my mind was the concept of "Spiritual Poverty". That feeling, deep within our collective psyche, where something is not quite right, the feeling that something is wrong somehow, some unnamable thing.

This is not fundamentalist rant, just a humanist observation on the fly.

The second thing that popped into my head that echoes this concept of a social spiritual poverty is this story... there is something so inherently wrong about this, yet people kinda just accept it.

It's totally ferked-up. No, seriously. Are we collectively so spiritually and morally bankrupt (ie. "Poverty") that we just kinda accept things like this as the "norm" now?

No wonder we're all saying our western civilization is on the verge of collapse.

Social Spiritual poverty. Hmmm...

OK OK, that's enough D&M from me.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Good post Mal. I think the media has helped to de-sensitize us over the years. We do accept things that even a few decades ago would have abhorred us and it's sad.

  2. That's an excellent point, chris. "De-sensitized" is a great way to put it. Thanks :)

  3. I'm no philosophical genius! Just thinking as I go as an ordinary salt-and-pepper kinda guy. I may be right or wrong, but yeah, that's OK too :)

  4. So he wasn't really a man at all at all...gawd orlmighty...

    makes me feel a bit sick actually sorry people but thats the truth.

    You are right, the biggest problem is spiritual poverty, but its easier to live with if you have a roof over your head amd food in your tummy. AND your health. Its not easy to be spiritual etc when you have levels of pain that are unbearable....

    but people are -

    I know the feeling you write if you are still looking for something - I used to be like that. No longer. In the last 15 years of Don and my life together, it all fell away and I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be and doing what I was meant to be I am still doing that...not skiting it was very hard work but oh the reward of the risks we took he holds my heart and I hold his if that makes sense.

  5. I do like your post, because I'm always interested in hearing different view points and I respect everyone's varying opinions. Personally, that story really doesn't bother me.