Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Julian dropped-in for half-an-hour this morning, to pick-up his band demo CD - at last! It's always good to just sit down and chat and catch-up... it's been over a week for us, you know! We talk a bit of 'shop', but we have a better connection when we talk about our kids... his daughter is 14-months-old already. I really enjoy being able to talk to him as a young parent, a young dad, to encourage him, you know? He's such a top bloke.

It's really nice, because we connect as musos, and we connect as parents too. It's a refreshing combination.

And basically... that was my day!

I spent about 90 minutes practicing guitar and bass this morning, running thru the stuff we'll be looking at together on Sunday. But apart from that... there's nothing else on today's agenda, apart from putting the rubbish bins out tonight!

Not much of a life really, is it? hahahahahaaaaa...
Peas be with ewe

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  1. sounds like the way life should be. Hanging out with a friend, having good conversations and practicing your magical craft. We all need days like that.
    Hope the rest of your week goes good.

  2. I am with Cheryl - sounds alright to me... it may not be gay hilarity all the time but then its not actually dark tragedy so for me anywhere uin the middle is good...These may be the good old days one day!!!

  3. "Practising your magical craft"...?!? What the what? Have you actually heard what we do? hahahahahaaaa.