Thursday, 16 October 2008

New Gigs

It's always refreshing (and kind-of a relief) that the boys' mum (ie. my ex-wife) and I are always able to talk freely and happily these days. We had a catch-up chat for about 20 minutes this arvo, just seeing how life is going for both of us, and the boys (obviously). We've always tried to make sure the boys happiness and security comes first, and it's always been positive for us to keep things that way between us.

We've both moved-on with our lives, and that's fine. I'm really happy for her with the way she continues to be an amazingly great mum. So, why should I be negative or hostile towards her? There's no need.

Sure, I have days when things 'get' to me. Being a divorced dad is not the kindest lifestyle to be living. But the boys are happy, safe, happy and in the best-possible situation they could possibly be in. That brings me much peace and relief in the 'bigger picture' of things. But yeah... sometimes old negative thoughts do creep in (mainly about myself and my own situation), but generally I feel really happy and excited for my three adorable sons (can I say that about sons? heh heh).

We're gonna try and get together for a swim on Saturday, altho JD (the 15-yo) will probably be working... it's cauliflower planting time! yes, he's a working man... it's either take a day-off school (which aint gonna happen! hahaa), or work on Saturday, which he gets paid for. It's all good.

Matt has arranged two paying gigs for our band. They'll be our first 'official' gigs as "The Night Before". Ooooh!

The beauty of this is that, with this extra money from these gigs, it'll cover all the costs (and then some) of whats' been spent towards the Press Kit and Demo Cd's and all that. So it's a godsend in that regard.

My job in the next few days is to finalize some set lists, and figure out exactly how long they want us to play for. I mean, we're keen enough to play all night, but that's not really practical now, is it? heh heh.

Peas be with ewe

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  1. Of course you can say your sons are adorable - adorable is adorable - gender doesn't come into it.

    Thanks for sharing your life.

  2. I'm glad that your able to get along with your ex. The boys are adorable...I can't think of a better word!
    Good Luck on your gigs!

  3. Getting along with your ex is the best thing you can do for your ADORABLE boys. I know it is not easy and some days are better than others, but I admire you so much for putting the children first.

    Yeah! for your first 2 gigs. Good luck and enjoy every second of it.

    Peace and good thoughts.

  4. You are a wise dad - its never about you or her...and you know this so that wonderful - boys can be adorable - I've been thinking that about my sisters littl boy and he's a tough little man but he is still adorable.

  5. It's fantastic you and your ex can have a healthy 'relationship' because it is all about the boys that you two need to be together on. It's so healthy, wish others could take a leaf out of your book

  6. Thanks! It's refreshing, and a huge relief, that the boys mum and I are able to get on happily. We consider ourselves so lucky when we consider all the 'horror' divorce stories of friends/family we know of.

    And those two gig? They've been canceled, sadly. we got 'gazumped' on the first one (ie. someone booked someone else rather than us), and we were too 'loud' for the second gigs' taste! That's alright. We actually do play quieter 'happy' music for weddings and things like that, but that's their right to say no, you know. Sure, it's disappointing, but it's no biggie, really.