Saturday, 1 March 2008

Go go go

And... I'm back.

It still spins me out... I woke up this morning, and I'm feeling fine. Like it never happened! That's what happens... I still can't work it out, after all these years! It's like flicking a switch, and it's gone! Mind you... it was Sunday evening that it started coming on... and it's early Saturday morning now. Yes yes, it's been a loooong drawn-out week for me.

When I say I'm feeling normal, I mean, I'm feeling about a 6.5, which is "normal" for me! heh heh.

Hopefully the boys have made up their minds as to whether they want to go to "The Show" (like an Agricultural Show etc) today or not... the plan is to ring home at 8am (in a few minutes) and see how they're going. Hey, they live on a farm and see cows and all that sorta stuff everyday, so that side of it doesn't really interest them. But as far as a zillion show rides and all that... well... boys will be boys! heh heh. The 14-yo isn't so keen, but the younger two are kinda interested. As the day had dawned bright and sunny (after quite a few days of torrential rain this week... kinda matched my mood, perhaps?), I'd say it'll be a go-go-go!


Sat up and watched the cricket with my housemate last night. First time we've done that in ages. He's basically broke for the week, so we actually enjoyed just hanging out together at home for a change. I mean, seriously, we haven't done that in weeks. As it was, the game itself was a bit of a fizzer, with the Aussie batsmen collapsing in a heap in a game they should have won easily. Hrm... interesting... with a few days until they play the finals. But yeah... twas a good night just to kick back and "chillax" (a term I hadn't heard before! lol).

During the break in the cricket, after the news and I was guilty of that typical-male condition known as "channel-surfing" on the TV... [cough... heh heh], there was this program on the ABC...

Jack Kasses was a man I worked with (not worked 'for', even tho technically he was my boss, being Australian General Manager for a chain of bookstores I used to work for, when I used to manage one here back in 1995...). He was a prince among men. A delight to work alongside, a man of vision, inspiration and encouragement.

I had been told he passed away, quite a few years ago.

So, I was watching this show, and there was this story on these two blokes, who helped raise a million dollars to begin a Leukemia Foundation for Children here in Australia, thru Apex, 30 years ago. The first few minutes of this TV program (which was only like a five-minute story), I couldn't figure out why one guys' face looked so familiar to me. I just assumed he was like a bit-part actor on TV or something. Vaguely familiar, and I couldn't place my finger on it.

Then the light came on. It was Jack Kasses (on the left)! He's alive and well, which bought a smile to my face. Plus, I never knew anything about this side of his life at all. He's a good bloke. Yes, one of the few really good blokes I've met over my lifetime to really leave a lasting positive impression with me. So, hearing how he'd done something like that, for the benefit of countless others who would otherwise have died of leukemia, was simply awesome!!! But very typical of the kind of bloke he is.

Here's the link to the story.
It's a good one.

They told of a meeting, a few years after they first built this place, of a room-full of people who had been affected and treated as a result of the foundation they had helped begin. Over 150+ young people stood up - and they were absolutely speechless... because these were young people who would have otherwise died, if it were not for their efforts.

Totally inspiring stuff.

Seeing and hearing him alive and well was... well, it was a bit of a mind-blower, let me tell you!
Peas be with ewe

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  1. Glad your feeling know weather can make you feel down in the dumps...i notice i am a much better person when the sun is shining...
    Hope you have fun with the boys..