Saturday, 1 March 2008

Music Files

OK OK OK... I've sorta figured out how to use this DivShare thing, for playing music/sound files on (but I'm still learning! lol). (Thanx again to Axe for pointing me in the right direction with these things).

These are exactly the same as the other ones I uploaded last week, but for whatever reason those ones are no longer online - and I have no idea why! Yes yes, same disgusting primitive ruff-as-guts direct-line mix. I've tweaked it a bit the other day, but I haven't finished the 'mastering'/final mic yet. I'll let ya know when I do. Please remember, this is just a bit of spontaneous nonsense that I played off-the-cuff, just so I could initially get the hang of using The Thing. It's not anything of importance! lol

There THIRD one is "Helen" - it's actually taken from a Robert Lowell poem of the same name. When I finally get around to mastering the mix, I'll post a copy of the words and all that.

The first and second ones are two of those drum loops/breaks I did (only about 15-19 seconds in length).

No no... like I said, this is totally NOT representative of the sound of Box of Sox!

Yes yes... I've got 216 of these type of loop/break things now that I've made on my laptop at the moment! Bloody lots of 'em! whoo hoo.
Peas be with ewe

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  1. sounds great mal! keep up the good work...

  2. Thanx! [blushes] They're really just nonsense doodles, honestly. But thanks all the same. I'm looking forward to getting to using "The Thing" a lot more, as the months progress.
    Mal :)