Friday, 11 November 2022

Thoon with Three Tailfins

(Originally Posted: 23 Sept 2022)

I attempted to take a picture of one of my two goldfish, "Thoon", because he's a bit of an oddity: he is a normal Comet, but he has three tail fins!

"Thoon's 3rd fin is a superpower, and he doesn't know" - SB

It doesn't negatively affect him at all, thankfully.

(NB. It's not easy taking a photo of a goldfish with a little 'point'n'shoot' camera!)

I kinda like that irony that I have a unique common goldfish! Thanks, Thoon! 🐠

One whole year I've had both Thoon and Katia so far - and going strong!

Here's the tank and Katia putting on a show, whilst Thoon is shyly poking his head out from behind a plant (lower centre)

➽► So, why "Thoon"?

Short answer: it's a fun, silly, random name (very me...).

Long answer: In a band many years ago, we used to invent words for sounds (for silly fun)... 'Thoon' was "the sound of a cricket ball bowled just past off-stump..." 🏏

Much later, I discovered that 'Thoon' was the name of a Giant in Homer's "Illiad"! 😄

I know... it's bizarre, random and absurd... perfect!

Happy 14 months, my fishies!

(Not my tank, unfortunately! Thanks to @BrownsFanGurl for the vid!)

Relax with this video of Goldfish
(Not my tank tho!)

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Peas be with ewe 


  1. Thoon's 3rd fin is a superpower, and he doesn't know. Metaphor there somewhere. Reminded me of the Goldfish Gus problem in Moon Knight. SB