Thursday, 12 October 2017

Things to put in your 'Hospital Bag'

Article: 18 Things to put in your Mental Health Kit

I have a bag packed, just in case in need to go into hospital suddenly. I have most of these things on this list in there, ready to go... but I'd like to add these, too!

(*) List of medical conditions and current medications (saves a lot of hassle when first admitted!)
(*) Current medications (from fridge)
(*) A change of clothes/undies
(*) Plastic bags
(*) USB charger plug adaptor
(*) Phone AND changer
(*) MP3 player, headphones & USB charger lead
(*) An exercise book and plenty of pens - keep track of thoughts, journal, etc.
(*) I would want to take my teddy bear 'Edward' with me, but for fear of him becoming lost, I leave him at home, sitting on my bed. He understands.
(*) A pack of playing cards. Solitaire for the win.
(*) Books to read - I always have an assortment of paperbacks (humour/silly) to while away the time... let's admit it - most time spent in hospital is spent waiting!
(*) A sleep-mask... I used a folded bandanna for this purpose, to keep the daylight out during day naps.
(*) Toiletries - incl. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/brush, hair brush, hair eleastics, mouth wash.
(*) A colouring book and colour pencils - a good idea (but I may use it a bit later, saving bag-space at first).

Peas be with ewe 

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