Saturday, 20 November 2021

MS Itching

The penny dropped for me this morning, as I woke up. I remember reading somewhere that occasional unexplained feelings of 'itchiness are a symptom of MS.

Very occasionally, I get a very strange itchy sensation on the right side of my neck, underneath my beard, and also at the back of my head, just above the hairline. There is no apparent cause for it. No rash. No skin irritation. It doesn't last for long, maybe only for a few minutes, then stops. It feels very surreal. It's not painful, just annoyingly irritating.

I know it was happening when the first signs of my MS first came on, as I originally thought it might have been a tick or mozzie bite or a pimple, or something like that. But there was no external mark at all, at the points of itchiness.

There's nothing that can be done about it... ointments or creams don't help/won't stop it, as it's a nerve-based thing. It's all very minor and doesn't stop me in any way. Tis just one of those tiny minor annoying little things that MS does to me, every now and again. No point taking some medicine that's for something so slight, you know?
Pruritis (itching) may occur as a symptom of MS. It is one of the family of abnormal sensations — such as “pins and needles” and burning, stabbing, or tearing pains — which may be experienced by people with MS. These sensations are known as dysesthesias, and they are neurologic in origin.
Dysesthetic itching may occur suddenly and intensely, but for brief periods. It may be present over any part of the body or face. It is different from the generalized itching that can accompany an allergic reaction, as there is no external skin rash or irritation at the site of itching. Corticosteroid ointments applied to the skin do not help relieve this type of dysesthetic itching. (Source)
It's good to have suddenly realized this, this morning - makes me feel better... maybe I wasn't going mad after all? hahahaha.

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