Friday, 14 April 2017

MS Diary

I keep track of any changes (or questions) to any of my MS symptoms in a hand-written (albeit 'hand-scrawled!) exercise book, that I use as my "MS Diary." (No, it's not one of those diaries! hahaha).

It's something where I can keep track of my symptoms, using a brief note, for when I next visit my neurologist, or if I need a sudden trip to the hospital (ie. with a 'relapse' etc). I keep it on my desk, but it's ready to go in a bag I have prepared, that I can slip it into, in case I need to visit my neurological tea or the hospital.

(NB. The "hospital bag" always sits ready, in case of an emergency, and contains things like my MS scans & doctor's reports, list of medications, but also basic things like a change of clothes, socks, toiletries, books to read, pen and paper etc [plus a list of what to throw-in at the last second, like the mobile phone charger, prescription meds, things like that].... hey, I'm an old Boy Scout - "Be Prepared!" hahahaa.)

The MS Diary is helpful, so that medical people can see what has been happening before-during-after any incident that may happen (even non-MS-related stuff).

Tho I think I'm using this blog more as my MS Diary, as I refer to it more than my actually hand-written diary (which only notes a date and a short note!)

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