Friday, 14 April 2017

Brain Zap II

I experienced another quick "Brain Zap" today. I was very tired at the time... I was laying in bed, trying to fall back to sleep, having been awoken by a pesky spam message on my mobile phone (dagnammit!)

Then suddenly, zap! Just for a brief second, like a giant flash of light/electricity in my head. Twasn't painful, more like my reaction was like, "what the heck was that?", as I kinda instinctively flinched. Tho I was able to fall asleep easily enough, anyways, despite the "what was that?' momentary startledness.

Very weird, I must say! It doesn't affect me in any other way whatsoever, just the sudden startledness, that's all. There is nothing to be alarmed about... just some neurons up there, trying to re-route a nerve message past some small scarring/lesions ("Sclerosis") in my grey matter, is all. Very surreal.

Twitter (yet again) has been very good as a resource - I know I'm not alone, experiencing this very minor and very uncommon possible-MS symptom. At least a few other people knew what I was talking about.

And yes, I wrote it into my MS Diary... tho I think I'm using this blog more as my MS Diary, as I refer to it more than my actually hand-written (albeit hand-scrawled! lol) diary (which only notes a date and a short note!)... it's something I can keep track of my symptoms, when I next visit my neurologist, or if I need a sudden trip to the hospital (ie. a 'relapse' etc).

Peas be with ewe 

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