Friday, 10 March 2017

MS: Relapse and Remission

MS: Relapse and Remission

My symptoms will randomly come-and-go over my lifetime.

About 80-85% of people with MS have "Relapsing Remitting MS" (RRMS). The symptoms come and go, and last for a few days to a few months (everyone is different). During Remission, symptoms either disappear or are very mild.

The main feature of RRMS is the fluctuation in symptoms. Relapses (also called exacerbations, attacks, flare-ups or episodes) are periods when symptoms get worse and remission is when they improve. Relapses are changes in old symptoms or the appearance of new symptoms which last more than 24 hours. Some relapses resolve quite quickly, while others can take weeks or months to subside. Many relapses will fully resolve, while others may have an impact on your long-term function. Relapses in RRMS are caused by inflammation, which occurs when the immune cells attack myelin. People with MS may also experience changes in their symptoms from day to day but this is not the same as a relapse.

“One of the toughest obstacles I’ve had to face, as I stand by a loved one living with MS, is understanding relapse and remission" - Tyler, Canada.
"MS flareups are like a box of chocolates... you never know which body part will be affected" - Nikki, Canada

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