Wednesday, 25 January 2017

When did things first start (re. MS)?

(Written 25 January 2017... it's been a heck of a ride over these last few months!)

The MS Journey Begins...

During the Pengopuss jazz gig, at Millthorpe (in October 2016), I experienced a weird cramp in the middle finger on my left hand (the guitar-fingering hand) mid-performance... it only lasted about 10 seconds, then disappeared. It'd never happened to me before (especially mid-gig!) - and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with what developed later with me.

On 14th October 2016, I had a regulation Colonoscopy (re. my Ulcerative Colitis) at Bathurst Base Hospital (ie. Day Surgery) - all good, no problems, quick recovery.

I had some pathology blood tests taken in Bathurst on 31 October - no problems, no ill-effects.

I underwent a simple Ferinject Iron Infusion (for my anaemia) at Bathurst Base Hospital on 1 November 2016 (Melbourne Cup Day... the staff and patients all sat in Ambulatory Care and watched the race on TV together!) - no problems from the infusion at all.

On 2 November 2016, I visited my "UC" specialist, as a follow-up to my colonoscopy. I started some new medications:
       i) Puri-Nethol / Mercaptopurine tabs 50mg once daily
       ii) Panafcort / Prednisone 2 x 25mg daily [and reducing as instructed] - a yukky steroid!

At the Pengopuss gig, at the Inland Sea of Sound Festival (3 November 2016), I was vaguely aware of a slightly tingly feeling in my right fingertips - but put it down to simple nervousness, on a cold day!

I first noticed slight tingly pins and needles in my right fingertips on Friday 4 November 2016. This slowly increased in severity over the next 7/10 days.

After 2 weeks, I was experiencing numbness in right fingers/hand/arm [upto my right elbow]; slight numbness in right toes, inside knees and right flank; slight pins and needles tingle in left fingertips and toes.

I visited Bathurst Hospital's Emergency dept. on Friday 10th November. After a barrage of tests, they thought it was a weird allergic reaction to the change in my medications, and took me off some medication (Sulfasalazine / Salazopyrin 500mg  x 2  three times daily). They suggested a brain and spinal MRI scan, but I had to wait 2 weeks to get that done, unfortunately...

After another 1-2 weeks, I visited my GP (a locum), as the numb/tingling effects were the same, if not in fact a little more severe. She suggested it might be a stroke, so sent me straight off to the Hospital (again.)

Which leads me upto the next point of my journey... (PART TWO - Here!)

Peas be with ewe 

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