Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 688
I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Inappropriate :: dragging a sheep carcass thru a crowded pub, whilst singing Gregorian Chants... hey, I'm feeling absurdly random, OK? hahahaa.
  2. Spam :: Ban the Spam... Meat-Free Meat
  3. Detaile :: reminds me of that Mr Bean episode, when he's in a "Life" drawing class, and the teacher wants him to draw 'detail' on his banana!
  4. Breakfast :: the food of champions... cereal, fruit, and a slough of bloody pills!
  5. Emoticon :: a digital reaction face image
  6. Grammar :: who would say that bout my grandma?
  7. Jointly :: the bit where two sections of the arm come together
  8. Spontaneous :: one of the main parts of my psyche - and it drives some people nuts.
  9. Auto :: tune is for tuneless moron wanna-be's.
  10. Burnt :: Creek Bridge - a section of the never-completed Warringah Freeway in Balgowlah (Sydney), that cut-thru a swathe of bushland, not far from my old High School.

Peas be with ewe 

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