Monday, 4 April 2016

Home Again after 7 Days Away

Thank goodness I'm finally feeling 95% better, after my 7-day stint in Bathurst Hospital last week. I totally missed the whole 'Easter' thing too.

At first they thought it was a chest infection, then a blood-clot in the lung, then they thought it was gallstones... in the end it was mild pneumonia, AND a small blood-clot in the lung! Gagh! They were on-again/off-again going to operate on me, for a period of 5 days, so I didn't know if I was going to stay or go home.

The pain? It was like having a burning spear thrust through under my right rib cage, and out the back. I couldn't eat nor sleep for 4 days... I was totally gazonked (I believe that is the correct medical expression?)

Thankfully, my emotional state stayed buoyant throughout, for which I am extremely thankful for.

To keep myself occupied - and the blood flowing (and keep some pain at bay) - I must have walked 100's of 'laps' around the hospital ward corridors... at least I got to meet a lot of nice people that way.

Even Thoon my goldfish, survived without feeding for five days (which than can, anyway)... bleedin' resilient little bloke, this one.

A HUGE thank you to all the staff at Bathurst Base Hospital, for providing such positive care, during some of my sickest times.

A HUGE thank you to Alyson, for picking-up some fresh bits'n'pieces for me, while I was stuck in hospital - you are an ANGEL!

How do they do the whole home waste thing at your place? Gone (starting this week here) was the two bins, replaced by: one for general waste, one for green/garden/food scraps, and one for recycling. Three bins for us, now.

I don't know why, but I ended-up with two yellow (recyclables) bins... I simply don't create that much recyclable material every two weeks! But that's no biggie in the overall scheme of things, huh?

The green bin is a bit of a clanger for me... I create no garden waste (I just mulch my lawn clippings back into the grass, every time I mow), and my kitchen food scraps would only fill an ice cream container once a week. So, I know I won't be filling-up one of these new big green bins in a hurry. I don't have anywhere to crate a little home veggie patch here, otherwise I would have been composting 2 years ago.

What night is your "Bin Night"? Mine is Wednesday night... or, as one of my old housemates from years ago misread the written notice on our fridge as "SIN Night"... sounds much more exciting!!!

Peas be with ewe 

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