Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Engagement Party

My eldest son ('JD', aged 22), and his fiance ('S'), celebrated their engagement, with about 120 of their friends, this previous weekend.

Totally befitting their personalities and style, the lovely, relaxed evening was totally low-key, and gave everyone a great chance to catch-up with old friends - some whom hadn't seen each other in years.

I spent the evening talking mainly to my middle-song ('SJ', aged 19)... he's is SO like me in so many ways (same sense of humour, randomness, quirkiness...), that I immediately identify with him on so many levels! Tis always a blast to hang out with all three of them, and the night was a great chance to catch up with all three of my precious boys (of course!)

One of the most beautifully touching moments, was when their grandfather (their mum's dad, whom we all call "Pa") warmly embraced the happy couple, imparting his 'grandfatherly wisdom' to them... we both had tears in our eyes, as I said that "it doesn't seem that long ago that you were doing the same thing to us...", and yes, it's the whole 'Circle of Life' thing... for me, this was a very touching moment.

JD & S - I'm very proud of you both!
Awesome chocolate cake as well!!!

My middle son, 'SJ'... not good photos, I know, but my little 'point'n'shoot' camera has its limitations - and that's quite OK!

NB. More pics of my sons are here.

Peas be with ewe 

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  1. Nothing wrong with point and shoot cameras. :)