Monday, 4 January 2016

A Glorious Week Away

The last week of October 2015 saw me spending a wholly-refreshing and relaxing week, staying with an old friend, Alex McD, and his partner, Carmel, at their homely home at Tuross Heads, on NSW's South Coast.

Alex and I played in bands in Sydney years' ago, and we've always been able to 'connect' through all these years - plus we both have a great invigorating roaring laugh together, along the way... we both have the same random, quirky and absurdist sense-of-humour... and a love for great music!

I've come away feeling refreshed, re-energized, invigorated - thank you, guys!!!

 My gracious hosts - and dearest friends - Alex and Carmel.

A total surprise... Alex suggested we 'go for a drive' one morning... I assumed he meant his normal 4WD vehicle... HOWEVER! I'd NEVER driven in a Jaguar before!!! Felt smooth as silk... a great day-trip down the coast.

Alex very kindly gave me one of his own paintings! I've never owned a real painting before! I'm speechless with gratitude! Oh... if you think you've seen this image before...
The second pic is also of my new painting, alongside one of Alex's many other works of art.

 And yes! I did manage to get my toes wet in the sea again. In many ways, I miss living near the ocean, but living inland has its benefits too. Oh... the water felt bleedin' freezing... well, it was only Spring...

Following are some views of the ocean-front at Tuross Heads - even though it was in the middle of the School Holidays, places like this are so very un-crowded - and perfect.

Oh... this last pic is of the beach at Moruya Heads, where I spent a lovely afternoon, just 'being'.

Our view from their back door at home, straight onto Tuross Lake... (plus the little cottage that doubles as both an art and music studio)...
... then, there's the view from their front door... also looking straight onto Tuross Lake! Wow!
The sound of abundant birdlife surrounded everything gorgeously... especially some whipbirds.

A front-view of their lovely home, complete with a Brittany flag flying... the Lord of the Manor is at home (they'd only just come back, after a French adventure)!

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Mal so glad you had a fabulous time. The photos look amazing thank you so much for sharing. I'm imagining what it must be like to see those views everyday! Would definitely list ones spirits and put a smile on your face :)

    1. Thank you, Chris! Yes, definitely something I'll be doing fairly regularly from now on, for sure.

  2. Sounds as though you had the holiday to top all holidays after all your health struggles! Their place looks amazing! There must be a story in how they came to own a property in such a great spot. I know what you mean about missing the ocean- one of the scenes you photographed looks so like the Port Macquarie of my childhood with the pine trees next to the sand. You will be savouring this experience for a long time I imagine. :-)

    1. Thanks Kay. Yes, memorable times... plus Alex 'demands' I return very soon! So... I must obey! heh heh heh.