Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My boys are so handsome!

SO proud of my three handsome sons.

My eldest (JD, aged 21), June 2015

JD and his fiance ('S'), doing what people living on the land do - learning to shoot! (June 2015)
They are just so awesome together... and she's very beautiful (check the next pic!) (I'm not biased at all...of course not!)
Blimey - I never did anything like this, growing up (I have literally never fired a gun, and only held one once!)... a country upbringing certainly beats a city upbringing hands-down, I assure you.

JD's fiance, "S" - June 2015

My youngest ('Ix', aged 16, and his g/f, 'C') - May 2015

 NB. I'm still hunting for a current pic of my middle-son "SJ"... 'tis on the way!

Peas be with ewe 

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