Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Three-Legged Cat

"Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans..."
(Allen Saunders, 1957; John Lennon, 1980)

~ ~ ~

A few short weeks ago, I received an unexpected phone call, from the local RSL Club.
"Have you lost your wallet?", they asked.
I was a bit mystified, as I hadn't lost my... but, let me just check... erum... where is my wallet?!?
"A local shop found your wallet on their counter, and your phone number isn't in the phone book", they went on. "They found your RSL Club membership card, and contacted us, to find you!"

Apparently, after I'd visited that same shop earlier that afternoon, I'd had a 'senior's moment', and left my wallet sitting on their front counter!

I quickly headed back to town, and alas - there it was, ready and waiting for me!

That's what I love about living in a regional town, of just over 31,000 people... it's still people-orientated (to a large degree).

~ ~ ~

Bathurst was hosting their Winter Lights' Festival, complete with a portable skating rink in the middle of town... as it was across the road from where my wallet had taken its brief sojourn, I thought I'd quickly wander across and take a look-see.

I was wondering why people were looking at me in a funny way (funnier than normal, that is [hahaha] )... when I realised... although the temperature was just above freezing - I was only wearing a pair of thongs on my feet! Alas - I don't usually feel the 'cold' through my feet, and hadn't realised, until I looked down.

Fairly typical of me.

~ ~ ~

Over the last few months, I'd noticed an orangey cat wandering across the road from home, popping in-and-out of the drains. Not causing any fuss, but I wondered whos' cat it was, and hoped it would be OK, running across the roadway all the time!

Fast-forward a few weeks' later... after coming home late one night from radio, I managed to be up to watch the sunrise from my front door. It really is a glorious viewscape I have here, something I'm very thankful for.

However, that morning, I noticed that this cat was laying on the footpath... sadly, I realised that it must have been struck by a car during the night (no, it wasn't me!), and that some passing driver must have placed it delicately on the footpath.

I wasn't quite sure what to do... I mean, what is the neighbourly etiquette for correctly disposing of someone's dead cat? I stepped back inside, thinking to grab a bag or something, and of someway of graciously disposing of the poor thing.

Under a minute later, a 4-wheel-drive-type vehicle stopped right outside my place, and its driver delicately picked up the cat, wrapping it in a blanket/rug, and gently placed it on their back seat.

Someone had found their cat, unfortunately.

At least they knew...
Today on my 'paper run', I noticed a cat sitting in the middle of the road, next to where I'd just pulled up in my car. It just sat and looked at me.
"Silly thing!" I thought, and as another vehicle was approaching, it continued to just sit there, with its tail swishing slowly.
As the other vehicle slowed upon their approach, the cat got up, and kind of half-crawled across part of the road.
"Oh good gawd! That cat must have been hit by a car! It looks like one of its back legs was broken or something! What do I do...?!?"
This cat looked ruefully at both myself and the other now-almost stopped car, and steadily dragged itself off into someone's front yard...

It hadn't been hit by a car at all! It was a three-legged cat - with an attitude!

Peas be with ewe 

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