Wednesday, 8 April 2015

It's no fun

Enduring the "Black Dog" is no fun, I assure you.

Today... "the dizzies" (as I call them) - like the whole world is spinning on a platter! Hard to focus, concentrate, can't feel at all motivated to do anything... it really sux! Then sleeping for what feels like forever as a result... albeit in broken 3-4 hour segments.

Frustrating thing is... yesterday, I felt fine!

All of this makes me feel impotent, worthless and pretty darn hopeless, to be honest. No wonder I can't get paid employment anymore, and I know some of my so-called 'friends' (and family) simply don't get in touch with me any more... makes me feel totally isolated sometimes.

Driving back from Sydney (Manly, actually) yesterday (whilst uneventful) made me realise what an absolutely AWFUL place a big city is, now I've been living in "the bush" for 20 years!

However - there is always brightness to be found!

Mind you, a quick charity stop-over just behind Taylor Square (Darlinghurst), downtown city, was an absolutely-positive mind-blower - such a picturesque little spot! Amazing street/laneway, with gorgeous little terrace houses, golden Autumnal trees... almost felt I wasn't in Sydney at all (especially c.1km from the CBD!!!) Dang and blast it, if I didn't have my camera with me! (Images thanks to Google Maps)... even these don't do it justice... the trees were glowing!

And how Autumn has kicked-in, almost out of nowhere! Getting down to just 3c here tonight! Thank goodness for lots of layers available - both in clothing and bedclothes (for which I am so thankful!) Driving back across the Blue Mountains yesterday arvo, the wind was not only howling, but blinkin' freezing!

Peas be with ewe 

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