Thursday, 5 December 2013

Life still up in the air

Thank you for your words and kindness over this time. I may not have internet access for a few days, so if u need to get in touch with me, please sms/call 0401 936 743. My email is I will be out of Warwick Saturday night. And yes, I will be moving back to Bathurst NSW.

Yet more changes in plans... Govt payments won't begin for me until at least after Xmas. I'll still be getting the bus down from here to Armidale NSW on Saturday night [about half way], but now I'll have to catch a bus/train back to Bathurst instead. Sincere thanks to the very gracious financial offers to support me for this trip.

I'm currently living in a small pub here in Warwick until Saturday morning [there are no emergency shelter places available here at the moment]. The place I am staying in at Bathurst when I first get there, is definitely VERY temporary (which I hugely appreciate!!!)... after that, I don't know what/where/how I'll be living, especially when Govt financial support won't be ready for me at least until after Xmas. If anyone in Bathurst might have a spare room...?
Yes, I'm reverting to begging. [Drops dignity aside].

Still gotta figure out how to get my stuff & car [unregistered, roadworthy but unregisterable] back to Bathurst as well. Yes, 800kms distance & interstate.

And yes, I have been up to a local hospital, looking for some mental health support... I basically got the 'brush off' and they palmed my problems back to myself. Thanks for that...

One member of my immediate family has already told me that he wants nothing more to do with me. Coming from my extremely-small family, that's pretty upsetting [understatement].

I also know there are people out there who think I'm saying/sharing/doing all this stuff as a 'woe-is-me' or manipulative kinda thing. &^%$ to you! I don't have anyone else to talk to about this right now!

Geebus... I don't seem to be able to win at all. I gotta laugh, otherwise I'll scream. Today I'm sitting on a 2 out of 10... [ ]

Peas be with ewe 

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