Saturday, 7 December 2013

Last day in Warwick

I'm leaving Warwick Qld this evening. Feeling nervous, but OK with it all (about a 3.5/10 : )

Looking forward to a new beginning back in Bathurst, New South Wales. I should arrive there Wednesday.

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY CHILDREN AGAIN!!! It's been almost a year! That's just the way things worked-out, with limited finances and travel etc. They will have grown so BIG!!! JD will be 21 next August, SJ is 17, and starts driving in a month, and IX is a legend at 15! My 'little boys' are all grown-up! Waah! [heh heh]. Seriously, I an SO proud of them [of course, I am slightly biased...]

There's so many mixed emotions coursing thru my soul, but I'll get thru it all, eventually.

A sincere thank you to my many friends actively and positively supporting and encouraging me during this emotionally-dishevelling 'time of transition'...

I so thankful for a friend who is able to look after my luggage today, so I don't have to drag them all around town, until I wait for the bus to leave at 8.45 tonight. I'm currently sitting in the warwick library, and that'll close at midday. After that, I'll just hang out at the local RSL Club (*not* drinking alcohol!), simply because i] I have nowhere else to go, ii] it's air conditioned, has a good cheap meal, and relatively peaceful, and iii] I can watch the cricket on their TV! Gotta kill eight hours somehow!

I'll be arriving at a friend's place at Armidale NSW early Sunday morning, and depending on when the bus leaves there for Sydney, I head onwards asap, possibly Tuesday. Even if it means a cheap overnight stayover in either Sydney or Bathurst, I'm hoping I can get to Bathurst by Wednesday. Just depends on the connection times with bus/train, and all that.

THEN I can start getting my $#it together again.

It looks as tho Bathurst Community radio 2MCE-FM will have me back too, which is a huge positive for me. I can work all that out with them once I'm up there.

Same with a place to live, and dialogue with Centrelink, my doctor and Mental Health... plus reconnecting with people, of COURSE!!! Music? Sailing? Oh gawd yes!

I'll miss Keith of course... I may have drove him crazy sometimes, but he was my closest friend in Bathurst when I was there. He's journeying in India at the moment.

Thank gawd people care for more than just C/W in Bathurst than they do here... and for that I am forever grateful! There's a great live & diverse music scene in Bathurst, and I can't wait to dip my toes back into that again. I have literally not played a note in about the last 12 months!

I'm hoping I can find some flexible part-time work also (the paper-run I've been doing here over the last c.6 months has been helpful with a bit of extra cash, but obviously not enough to 'help support a household')... flexible because my health is so inconsistent, dagnammit!

The first available appointment for me to meet with Centrelink is not until a week before Xmas! They cannot/will not do anything financially for me before then! Argh!

I can only hope I'll manage to spend at least one Xmas with my kids, maybe this year? I can only hope.

One small step at a time.

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Sometimes shit has to happen so you appreciate other things more... life's road may have been potholed before in Bathurst... but not barricaded in some ways as it was in Warwick ... think the boulder on the highway was a bit of a timely metaphor... and just as that has been cleared away ... the shit will clear for you too, though it may take time to process... to good times ahead and hopefully better health. Hugs my friend.

  2. Hope the journey all goes as planned. I'll keep my fingers x you get to spend time with your kids over Christmas. Take Care x