Monday, 23 September 2013

Sunshine Coast Qld, September 2013

We took a few days away from "the Normal", where Bindy booked us a simple but comfy cabin just out of Maroochydore on Qld's Sunshine Coast - somewhere I'd never been before. Living in Bathurst and now Warwick (100's of kms/miles from the beach'n'ocean) is brilliant, but yes - we both miss the sound/smell/taste of the sea! It did take a few days to 'stop', and then we were able to relax!!! This week for us was quite a pivitol moment in our relationship - yay!
How does he DO that...?!?
This guy stopped and talked with us about his fun... he was the same age as us, and blew us away at how, when you have a 'passion', age is irrelevant.
Bindy spent much of her youth hanging-out at Cotton Tree Beach (she grew-up on the Sunshine Coast, and I grew-up in the lower Northern Beaches of Sydney), so I really got a kick to be 'shown the traps' as she took me around her old stomping grounds.
(Cotton Tree Beach, Maroochydore Qld)

 My beloved Bindy and myself... selfie taken at The Spit at Mooloolaba Qld. the weather, sunshine, smells, taste, sights were all quite heady.
 The view!!! Whew!!!

Eumundi Markets - what an awesome place, and they're huge! We could have easily spent $$$ thousands which we didn't have... bugger!

Bindy spotted this place at Mooloolaba... the "Odd Socks" continue to expand... as does my stomach (oh yes, I blame the UC, of course... [cough]...)

All photos by Belinda Ostwald - thanks!!!

Peas be with ewe 

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