Monday, 23 September 2013


Some days feel better than others... that's the joys of the "Black Dog", unfortunately! Considering the whole orbit of conflicting emotional upheavals I've been experiencing over the past week+, I've been feeling remarkably well. Thankfully I managed to get off to a good start today, by being able to sit in the refreshment of the new mornings' sunshine, sipping on a nice hot cuppa. At the moment, I feel quite emotionally inadequate to tackle the rubbish I will have to deal with this week... hogwash other people have flung. But "I'll get there". One small step at a time. Plus the whole "UC" thing comes-and-goes with no reasonable fluidity, either! It's a weird place, some mornings are better than others...

Oh goodness... I'll have to review a whole heap of my old blog posts over the past 8-ish years... there'll have to be something there about my trying to describe the "Black Dog" among all that lot, surely? Ooohh...
"Today is a new day, make the most of it, tell someone you love them, smile at someone, give a hug, hold a hand, or just listen for a minute, and be a friend." (Source)
Words can cause damage... so can gossip.
Therefore... my dream has not been killed... it's just been stifled for a little while [grins].

Oh... I never thought I was a political 'animal', either, but watching the whole of Australian Federal politics unravel in front of the worlds' eyes, is a wholly disconcerting experience... it's not up to me to judge or criticise who you may follow/support/voted for, but it pains me to see Australia politically slowly slide towards a perverted form of Fascism! It's not good... and I thought Queensland was [expression deleted] enough! (OK OK... so I'm a born/bred/raised NSWelshman!)

Peas be with ewe 

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