Monday, 23 September 2013

Unconscious Mutterings 556

  1. Laceration : cutting - positive turn-arounds in life of a young girl I know who was hurting herself, and is now such a stronger, mature young lady - a good news story!
  2. Shower : refreshment : how many of us spend 80% of our time under the flowing shower water, solving our own or the worlds' problems? Plus I always find it a spiritual as well as physical refreshment, the ol' shower.
  3. Filed : lost : "creative filing"... I know I put that thing somewhere, but where...?
  4. Possibility : nothing is impossible : there is always hope, even when it seems beyond reason.
  5. Horror : more shootings : get those bloody guns out of the hands of people!
  6. Entry : beginning : a new start... every brand new day starts as a blank slate.
  7. Hospital : antiseptic : that smell...
  8. Switched : on : some people are 'plugged-in' to their 'source', and they are a bright light for us who are still following in the growing dawn.
  9. Guilty : not : no one is innocent, yet why do we so quickly judge others, when there's enough baggage in our own lives that can easily swamp us - if we allow it to... or, we could work and grow thru it.
  10. Mistake : whups! : I've made some beauties, but haven't we all?

Peas be with ewe 

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