Thursday, 14 February 2019

About This Blog

What is this blog all about, Mal?

A "blog" is like an online journal, a "weblog". I used to blog regularly, then I switched to a 'private' blog, and I'm currently experimenting with it all again here, after a break of about four years-or-so.

This is more a 'personal' blog... for me, blogging is just like 'thinking aloud' (thinking "allowed"? 😎 )

"This blog is just some insights into my alleged thoughts, ideas, comments, pictures, observations, editorials, musings, rantings, ravings, ramblings and current 'Objective Critical Relative Subjectivism'... my fun random verbose bull$#it, in other words... please take it all with a large pinch of happiness and salt..."

As Don says, "(Tis') just a spot to lay down thoughts, complaints, ideas, interesting web sites, and anything else that crosses my mind... and if you find something in error, remember it happened between keyboard and chair."

So... what's the "Gherkin" thing? I used to have a little lime-green sailing dinghy, and the other sailing club people jokingly called it "The Gherkin"... nowdays I have a similarly-coloured electric guitar, that still carries that moniker. Yes - it's silly fun.

I'm not here for the followers/likes/upvotes etc etc.

What's the "Pram" thing about, too? (Click)

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