Tuesday, 30 August 2022


What is this blog all about, Mal?

A "blog" is like an online journal/diary, a "weblog".

This is more a 'personal' blog... for me, blogging is just like 'thinking aloud' (thinking "allowed"? 😎 )

"This blog is just some insights into my alleged thoughts, ideas, comments, pictures, observations, editorials, musings, rantings, ravings, ramblings and current 'Objective Critical Relative Subjectivism'... my fun random verbose bull$#it, in other words... please take it all with a large pinch of happiness and salt..."

As Don says, "(Tis') just a spot to lay down thoughts, complaints, ideas, interesting websites, and anything else that crosses my mind... and if you find something in error, remember it happened between keyboard and chair."


●  I'm a 58-yo Aussie divorced dad (happily single) of three handsome sons.
●  I live in Bathurst NSW Australia.
●  I enjoy a great sense of absurd humour ie. The Goons & Python!
●  I love listening to and playing music as well, especially British '60's stuff like The Beatles.
●  I used to perform live acoustic solo music as "Lancelot's Pram", and have released a music CD album in 2009 as well; I've played in a few bands.
●  I enjoy listening - to the sounds around me.
●  I love a good movie but rarely watch TV.
●  I am a classic Introvert and a deeply flawed human being,
●  I also love to read a good novel, biography, or Robert Lowell's poetry.
●  I love sailing, cricket, football (soccer) and rowing.
●  I love the Greek island of Hydra.
●  I have some ongoing health issues.

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► So... what's the "Gherkin" thing? I used to have a little lime-green sailing dinghy, and the other sailing club people jokingly called it "The Gherkin"... nowadays I have a similarly-coloured electric guitar, that still carries that moniker. Yes - it's silly fun.

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