Monday, 12 October 2009

Rolling Plains

I really really enjoyed the 600 km (370 mile) round drive over the weekend, for a 50th birthday celebration in Junee. Lovely, refreshing, expansive... such a great stretch of road between Cowra and Young - I simply love it, the rolling open valley... very Australian! In many ways it looks similar to easily a hundred other places I've driven thru over the years of many car trips (reminds me a bit of the Liverpool Plains as well), but that's the beauty of driving in Eastern Australia. It'll probably be my last good car trip for a while, unfortunately.

That's me, taken on Saturday night... thanx to Trish for the pic)

I tried camping o'nite, and it blew like that clappers all night... seriously, I'm thankful these little modern portable tents are so flexible, otherwise people would've been searching for me using radar! Luckily I missed the downpour later the next morning.

Plus I totally behaved myself on Saturday night, much to peoples' bemused disappointment.

"We heard a blistering set from Lancelot's Pram on the last Sounds Live Radio program. Mal's energy, passion, and talent combined for a great set." (Source)
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. And I would be one of those people.

    You could have stayed here you dill, we had the room. What a night to be in a tent! My nephew and his wife and friends all got wet tails at the caravan park as well.

    Thank you so much for coming Mal, it was great to meet you, just wish I could have spent more time talking with you. And why didn't you come for breakfast yesterday?

  2. Luckily, I managed to pack-up and leave before that rain hit. I drove past your place at 7.30am, but there was no-one-else there and no sign of life, so I simply kept going.