Friday, 9 October 2009

Majdanek - Lest We Forget


This is a mound of ash... human ash.

No comment needed, surely.

Lest we forget what cultured mankind is capable of.

Yes, us.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. We, the people of the world, allowed that to happen. May we never allow it to happen again.

    And don't say it wasn't me, it was someone else, it was years ago. It was the universal spirit that was a part of it which links to every man across every generation.

    Whilst that sort of crime wouldn't be stood for today, what other atrocities are we turning a blind eye to and allowing to happen.

  2. I am often distressed about both parts of the Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. When I can get my mind of them, I find that Puerto Rico, Burma and north Korea are not far behind. I won't dwell on these sad places any more because I already have enough sadness of my own- and so do you Mal. No wonder no one is cheering up fast. Drat.

  3. Well over a million citizens (not soldiers) have been killed in Iraq since it was invaded. Maybe better to leave Saddam there - he didn't have that record. And the Iraquis did not take part in September 11 - still don't know what we are doing there. Hitler killed millions, as did the Japanese military - but how amny more millions are being killed now by Peace Keeping forces....

  4. I agree with is still on going..and yet it is told in such a different way.
    LEST WE FORGET all those affected by Majdanek... those who were taken so horribly...and those who live on and are still suffering to this very day.
    Thanks for the rememberance Mal

  5. Oh wow Mal. You do my dark dog shit too. We cannot feel bad for everything rotten in the world. Vicarious traumatisation .. i spelt that wrong... is so very real... and worse if anything is not so good in our own lives. But just understand it. It is basically... man we got shit of our own... and we cant try to deal with other shit. Best we feed the ducks and play with the children. Great I know I sound crazy now!