Monday, 19 October 2009


Apparently, it was all a hoax!

You know... story of the week, about the supposed six-year-old carried away in his dad's silver flying-saucer-shaped balloon in the US of A?

Twas a publicity stunt that became unstuck in a big way. The local police supposedly said in response, "they put on a good show and we bought it"!

Apparently they were former reality-TV show contestants, still seeking some attention... but poor Balloon Boy blew his additional fifteen-minutes of fame, huh?

My home CD player has been playing silly-buggers lately... playing one CD then not the next, for no good reason. Despite frequent cleanings and all that, it continued acting stubborn on me.

Makes it hard when I want to listen to some of my 500+ music CD's [plus about another 100 'mix' CD's...], huh?

I had one of those 3am 'brainwaves'... I'd totally forgotten that I had my late mums' old DVD player, sitting in the backroom, wholly unused [and all covered-up and packed away]. D'oh to me! [The only thing wrong with it, now that I remember, is that the remote control doesn't work for it anymore... but that's no biggie... I can just imagine my late dad probably dropped it in the loo or something years ago! heh heh].

Plugged it into the stereo, and voila - now I have a CD player that plays everything again. Yay!

When being continually stuck inside at home due to undependable and unpredictable health, and listening to music is a huge part of your psyche... you just gotta do these things.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. that's all i am gotta do what ya gotta

  2. Now I was just having one of those ANAL moments and thought ...should that not be "DOH IS me!" Please forgive me but the kids are challenging me something serious right now! One was having a fight with an upside down pumpkin! I mean really, so smart and such high grades but cannot fathom a bloody pumpkin????

    PS...Someone accused of me of being technologically advanced! :-O I don't think she knows me very well, but its nice to know "someone" is worse than me at computers! LOL! (Here we are speaking of the woman who gave away ALL of the kids Disney DVD's coz DH said we did not have a video player anymore (coz he could not be bothered plugging it in), the most outraged kids informed me that the video player was in the garage on the shelf! Woops!

  3. I just pull them apart and play with them myself to get them to work again, I can't help myself! Lucky you had a back up though.

    That balloon boy, yep got his 15 mins of fame, what idiots for pulling such a stunt though!

  4. He looks like a great little kid shame the parents are such dickheads.