Sunday, 18 October 2009

You GO girl!

Jessica Watson sets sail

Solo sailor Jessica Watson has sailed out of Sydney Harbour to begin her round-the-world attempt. The 16-year-old is trying to break Jesse Martin's record as the youngest person to sail solo and non-stop around the world without help.

New South Wales Maritime enforced a strict exclusion zone around her yacht as she sailed out of Sydney Harbour. Media spokesman Andrew Fraser says the maritime escort is for safety purposes.

"We're expecting a lot of of vessels to be out there this morning in the Heads and it's just a precautionary measure really to keep people at a safe distance, we don't [want] a whole bunch of boats coming right up alongside her," he said.

He says it has been an emotional farewell for the family. "It's just naturally a pretty emotional time for the family. As a parent of three, you're facing the reality that you won't see your daughter for eight months," he said. (Story source)

Good on her! Obviously, some people are concerned for her safety, which is understandable.

I think she'll do just fine.

Here's her official website and her blog!!! I'm gonna try and keep updates on here as she goes along.

Of course she's going to have moments when she's scared $#itless out on the high seas, have moments of intense loneliness and all the things that would be asociated with being so isolated so far for so long, but I'm sure in the end she's going to be fine.

You GO, girl! I support and encourage her spunk 100%.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Good idea blogging your support for her- I wonder if she gets Twitters via satellite- we could phone-Tweet more support along the way!
    She is doing something most people would be too scared to do ever- I say let her have a go, she's so determined and has already demonstrated she can handle nasty encounters with larger vessels. Woot! Gooo Jess!!

  2. Kudos to her for giving it a go, I hope she succeeds and does us proud!

  3. Ooooh! While I do support her a mama I am terrified for her safety! Even if she was 30 I would be scared for her so I am a little dubious as to the decision to let her go all alone! The ocean is one big scary place!

  4. You just have to hope she's okay - I don't recall this fuss when the young man only a year older than her did it - and no doubt his mum and dad worried as well...I have to admit I would be terrified if it was one of mine - but its her choice and I wish her real good luck and success. -+